Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Not sure what's going on these days.  I've been down lately.  I've really missed my Mom and I've been thinking about my Gram too.  Not sure what trigged all these thoughts.  Seeing family in Cleveland, Alliance, my Dad visited and just left, or that my birthday just passed, another one I couldn't share with my Mom.  No "daughter" card this year or ever again. That's my problem, why do I focus on what I no longer have in life.  I really should focus on all the wonderful graces in my life.  I have a beautiful little girl who is healthy, happy, & quite intelligent.  I have a husband who absolutely adores me, he's handsome, funny, incredibly intelligent, extremely supportive, a terrific Dad, and I love him with everything inside me.  So what is my problem?

My little girl & I will be going to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children tomorrow, that usually puts things in perspective; as Richard always says . . . first world problems.

I'm working to "snap out of it" I promise.

take care

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Decided to start a different blog for my running, but don't worry I'm still out there, running that is.

I've been thinking about a little something involving an elderly woman I know professionally.  When I first met her lots of people did not care for & did not want to help her for fear of being yelled at or spoken to poorly.  I have to admit I was among those folks.  Let's just call this person OL, (I'll let you come up with a first & last name to fit this character).

A few months ago maybe even several months ago I had enough at work.  Not just with OL, but with everything at work.  People everywhere were just on my nerves.  I took some time and really thought about what I was doing in my life & how I would like to be treated if I were on the other side of the counter.  It made me think of Kairos.  It made me think of how I have no idea what people's situations are & how I know treating a person (especially one who is trying to help you) poorly is not acceptable, but again I don't know their situation.  What if they were just given a diagnosis of terminal cancer or worst yet their child is very ill.  They might just be coming to see me because they are not feeling well, I don't know about you, but when I'm sick I can be pretty grumpy, especially if I have to be out and not in my own bed resting.  Granted that is not an excuse, however it is something to think about.

On with OL.  With all of this in mind I decided to take another approach when dealing with my patients.  I would try to be more empathetic with my difficult patients.  I greeted them enthusiastically, remembered little details from our previous encounter & asked follow up questions.  I tried to be more personable.  It's paying off I have to say.  OL has done a complete 180, well maybe a 165, I'm still working on her.  When my patients are happy, my staff is happier, and that makes a great place to work.  Turns out OL has a soft spot for stray cats.  She seems so tough & gruff, but this cat had kittens in her neighborhood and she leaves bowls of milk out & she's mentioned leaving out tuna as well.  Her neighbor says to just leave them alone, but she told me she can't do that, they're just kittens & can't fend for themselves.  Just a little bit of kindness & compassion & I see this whole other side of a fellow human being.

take care,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6, 2012 Blaine, MN

Had a wonderful run this morning.  The temp was awesome, playlist was jamming, & I felt great.  A few thoughts . . .

When running by the porta-potty by the little league field, don't inhale, not a good idea.

Yes, Mister Jagger geometry was hard, but I worked hard & proved myself my sophomore year @ OLP, thanks Mrs. Kracht. . . this came to me as I was running to the last verse of 'T.H.E.' (The Hardest Ever).

I need to stop eating french fries.

Heading home  I remembered to exhale by the porta-potty by the little league field, good girl.

take care,

Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012 Blaine, MN

Maybe I shouldn't lip sync when I'm running, no matter how good the song is.

I should really think about my route before I start running instead of just picking a direction & running, well maybe not, I like the free spirit thing.  Who cares if I get lost, I'll get home eventually.

It's really beautiful to see the birds, trees, & butterflies in their environment, but odd to hear Will.I.am as I watch these creatures glide & blow with the wind.

Are people looking at me run from the front seats of their car with the radio playing and telling their passengers to watch me run & listen to the music coming from the speakers as I do so many times driving down this very same street.

Not boring damn it!

Things I think about when I run. So I am a novice runner.  I've completed one 5K and trained for five months to do it.  I've decided to make this a regular thing, the running that is, I'll throw some 5K events in just for fun.  I think what I like is the time to myself and the solitude.  It's a great time to think, not to mention the feeling of "I DID IT" at the end; not just the end of a 5K, but at the end of each run.

I don't have much in the hobbies department.  I like to take photos, read, & I am most definitely a politics junkie.  Most of my time is dedicated to my little girl so most of those previous mentioned activities are not always part of my agenda; I'm not complaining I wouldn't give up that time with  my little girl for anything. With all this stated I sometimes feel I'm a boring  person.  I am a very quiet person until you get to know me, then look out I can talk your ear off if given the opportunity.  Even once you know me quite well I am still a very reflective person and will listen to your entire story, I will not offer unsolicited advise, but might give a perspective you might not think about.  I wonder how reflective and quiet can be construed as shallow; actually a better word choice here would be misconstrued.  I would also say I am very sensitive, a rule follower almost to a fault, and one who works very hard to please others.

 Where am I going with all of this?  Not sure.  All I know is I like my new hobby of running, it's good for me physically & mentally.  I've decided I'm not a boring person in the least, yes I might be quiet; but I am listening.  I'm also funny, if you don't believe me just ask.  I'm not always quick witted, but I'm pretty darn funny, usually because I've been listening to what's being said I can at times bring a joke full circle based on what you've mentioned in our conversation.

I've decided I'm going to tell all who care to read what I think about when I run.  I'm not going to promise an update after every run, but I'll do my best, don't forget the cute little girl I adore & handsome husband I'm addicted to, so we'll just take this little project one day at a time.

take care,