Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6, 2012 Blaine, MN

Had a wonderful run this morning.  The temp was awesome, playlist was jamming, & I felt great.  A few thoughts . . .

When running by the porta-potty by the little league field, don't inhale, not a good idea.

Yes, Mister Jagger geometry was hard, but I worked hard & proved myself my sophomore year @ OLP, thanks Mrs. Kracht. . . this came to me as I was running to the last verse of 'T.H.E.' (The Hardest Ever).

I need to stop eating french fries.

Heading home  I remembered to exhale by the porta-potty by the little league field, good girl.

take care,

Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012 Blaine, MN

Maybe I shouldn't lip sync when I'm running, no matter how good the song is.

I should really think about my route before I start running instead of just picking a direction & running, well maybe not, I like the free spirit thing.  Who cares if I get lost, I'll get home eventually.

It's really beautiful to see the birds, trees, & butterflies in their environment, but odd to hear as I watch these creatures glide & blow with the wind.

Are people looking at me run from the front seats of their car with the radio playing and telling their passengers to watch me run & listen to the music coming from the speakers as I do so many times driving down this very same street.

Not boring damn it!

Things I think about when I run. So I am a novice runner.  I've completed one 5K and trained for five months to do it.  I've decided to make this a regular thing, the running that is, I'll throw some 5K events in just for fun.  I think what I like is the time to myself and the solitude.  It's a great time to think, not to mention the feeling of "I DID IT" at the end; not just the end of a 5K, but at the end of each run.

I don't have much in the hobbies department.  I like to take photos, read, & I am most definitely a politics junkie.  Most of my time is dedicated to my little girl so most of those previous mentioned activities are not always part of my agenda; I'm not complaining I wouldn't give up that time with  my little girl for anything. With all this stated I sometimes feel I'm a boring  person.  I am a very quiet person until you get to know me, then look out I can talk your ear off if given the opportunity.  Even once you know me quite well I am still a very reflective person and will listen to your entire story, I will not offer unsolicited advise, but might give a perspective you might not think about.  I wonder how reflective and quiet can be construed as shallow; actually a better word choice here would be misconstrued.  I would also say I am very sensitive, a rule follower almost to a fault, and one who works very hard to please others.

 Where am I going with all of this?  Not sure.  All I know is I like my new hobby of running, it's good for me physically & mentally.  I've decided I'm not a boring person in the least, yes I might be quiet; but I am listening.  I'm also funny, if you don't believe me just ask.  I'm not always quick witted, but I'm pretty darn funny, usually because I've been listening to what's being said I can at times bring a joke full circle based on what you've mentioned in our conversation.

I've decided I'm going to tell all who care to read what I think about when I run.  I'm not going to promise an update after every run, but I'll do my best, don't forget the cute little girl I adore & handsome husband I'm addicted to, so we'll just take this little project one day at a time.

take care,