Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One of the guys.

Okay, I've been working what I like to call a "regular person's" schedule for about seven months.  This allows me to have two out of every three weekends off.  I'm really enjoying my time with my family and all of the activities that are available on the weekends.  We've visited Como Town and a few Farmer's Markets. 

This past weekend we attended an afternoon get together with some friends.  We knew the host couple and there were two other couples and several children.  It was a great time.  I found it a bit strange that the party was separated by men and women.  It was not a requirement, as a matter of fact a comment was made about the outside area was not a "boys club" yet the women were pretty much mingling together inside & the men were pretty much outside.  I have to admit I felt a little more comfortable outside talking about current events & politics out with the guys.  Not to mention I enjoy socializing with my husband.  It was just odd, please understand I was not offended, and I had a great time with everyone there.  It's just an observation. 

Now on the topic of friendship building, it's been tough in this fine city.  We've lived here for nearly four years.  Things are looking so much better of late.  I'm wondering if my previous work schedule made the building process even tougher.  It's hard to be social when your time off is when every one else is working.  Like I said, things are looking up.

I will close for now, though I'm hoping to possibly encourage a member of my family to move a little closer to his "short pants"

take care.