Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Not sure what's going on these days.  I've been down lately.  I've really missed my Mom and I've been thinking about my Gram too.  Not sure what trigged all these thoughts.  Seeing family in Cleveland, Alliance, my Dad visited and just left, or that my birthday just passed, another one I couldn't share with my Mom.  No "daughter" card this year or ever again. That's my problem, why do I focus on what I no longer have in life.  I really should focus on all the wonderful graces in my life.  I have a beautiful little girl who is healthy, happy, & quite intelligent.  I have a husband who absolutely adores me, he's handsome, funny, incredibly intelligent, extremely supportive, a terrific Dad, and I love him with everything inside me.  So what is my problem?

My little girl & I will be going to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children tomorrow, that usually puts things in perspective; as Richard always says . . . first world problems.

I'm working to "snap out of it" I promise.

take care