Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A new title

I have a new title these days, one that will not go away. Not really a title, but a category, a box to check.  I became a widow 11 days ago.  My house is so quiet, except for wails of grief from my little girl.  She has no title.  Uncertain future, I keep searching the past.  I hope to come across a note a word from beyond.  I miss you so.  There is no one looking out for me anymore, making sure I'm not lost, telling me to come home safe every time I leave the house.  Those beautiful brown eyes that compliment your smile, I miss those eyes, I miss your looks, I miss your smile.  I'm trying so hard, so very hard to remember you're always with me, to recall the memories, to do all the things I tell our little girl when she sobs in sorrow.  I sit here now, our little one asleep, pondering my new title.

I love you my handsome man.

take care